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A Xero Template for any supplier that requires a different ship to and charge address on packing slips and invoices 

by Christine Millar


A while ago I posted a comment in a xero community topic, about problems I was having producing packing slips for Foodstuffs (different delivery addresses from the charge to customer).  I kept getting emails about the template I created, so I thought I'd make it available for everyone to see.


I started with the xero template DOCX packing slip invoice template   

Info about editing a the DOCX template can be found here:



Here is the template I created for a Foodstuffs packing slip (you will need to add your details as required). We use the standard xero invoice theme for issuing an invoice to Foodstuffs.



Packing slip template with embedded text for charge to address, allowing you to attribute sales to the delivery address.


Packing slip v2 - Sales attributed to head office acccount, delivery address for store is an inventory code.   


Simply customise the packing slip template to suit your business and customers needs, insert your logo and change out the text in red (change font colour back to black). If you want to add any fields you should be able to copy and paste from here (scroll down to this section):  


To upload in Xero: 

Go to the general setttings/features/invoice settings and add a ''new branding theme'' call this Packing Slip (or similar).  


Create a packing slip:


Create a NEW SALE, then go to the drop down box and select the packing slip theme (an easy way to remember is to set this branding theme as the default for the customer).  SAVE the sale, with this template. This creates a draft invoice. You can then pop into drafts and print any packslips that are ready. That's the packing slip taken care of.


To convert this to an invoice to email you will need to go back into the draft invoice (packing slip) and change the branding template to the ''invoice'' theme that you use then APPROVE. We use the standard invoice theme for Foodstuffs. 


You'll then have a printed copy of a packing slip and and email/print ready invoice.  



The above system will attribute sales in Xero to the charge to account.  We charge everything to Foodstuffs North OR South Island and then set up each store as an item of inventory  (eg New World Timaru is inventory # 8010, and its description is the delivery address.  Sale screen example below. 


To find specific invoices by store we search by store code or  name within our inventory list. 


Hope this helps. Cheers Christine Millar