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setting up a subscription

Step 1: Select the flavour you wish to order and the quantity of 1kg bags you want to order monthly (up to 5 per month)

Step 2: Click the SUBSCRIBE button.

Step 3: This will redirect to Paypal.  Choose from the following options

  • Login PAYPAL account 

  • Set up payment using your credit card


Step 4: Follow the prompts to set up the payment.

  • If you choose to pay via credit card you will be prompted to create a PAYPAL account.  This is where you will be able to manage the payments in the future. 

Step 5:

  • Use your PAYPAL account to make changes to your delivery address, update your credit card, or cancel you subscription. You cannot change the actual $ value and contents of the subscription via paypal. 

  • To amend the quantity or type of product you are receiving you will need to cancel your subscription and re-subscribe with your new preferences.