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Try Breakfast with a Probiotic Boost!

Are you looking for a breakfast that's tasty and nutritious but also gentle on you stomach? We're passionate about gut health and wellness which is why we created these two new mueslis. They're naturally full of nutritious ingredients, like nuts and seed, plus we've added a probiotic boost.  There's over 500 million good bacteria per serve!   

We use GanedenBC30 - is a truly amazing vegan strain of probiotic (beneficial bacteria), that survives in the pack until it reaches ideal conditions in your gut and supports immunity and digestion.  We're not fans of additives so we've made sure these mueslis are free from preservatives, refined sugars and include some organic ingredients. ​

two delicious flavours


Support Health & Well-being with Probiotic Muesli

Amazing vegan probiotic -  BC30

  • Supports immune & digestive health.*^

  • Survives 10X more effectively than yogurt cultures.

  • Supports protein utilization^


Our mueslis include GanedenBC30 to support your overall health and wellbeing. By providing your digestive system with the bacterial balance it helps support your body's natural immunity.*^ 


We've chosen to use a strain of GanedenBC30 that is allergen free and vegan friendly. So no dairy, gluten or soy and it's non GMO (project verified).


GanedenBC30 requires no refrigeration and has a three year shelf life. That means that the number of probiotic cells that go in during manufacturing is the same number of effective cells you get when you consume the product.

* As part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

^ This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.