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  • Christine Millar

Taste the Tang with Walnut Maple Plum Grain Free Breakfast

Updated: Feb 5

Yes another new flavour to add to our line up! Walnuts, Maple Syrup and Hemp form a delightful combo, finished off with tangy New Zealand Black Doris Plums, a favourite of our muesli guru Chris Millar.

"My favourite breakfast growing up was cornflakes topped with home preserved Black Doris Plums. Mum and I would grab our plums from a local orchard in Hawkes Bay and spend a few days bottling them so we had a good supply for the year. I was keen to use this childhood memory as inspiration for a new Something to Crow About flavour and what we have come up with is the perfect combo of nostalgia and ticking clean diet boxes. This one definitely has me coming back for more." says owner and recipe developer, Chris Millar.

This is truly premium grain free breakfast features chunky walnuts, crunchy almonds and hemp seeds, double baked into crunchy crumble, with a dash of maple syrup and tangy freeze dried Black Doris Plums.

Why we love hemp? Hemp seeds provide a powerhouse of health benefits, and are a source of protein and nutrients. With a slightly nutty taste, they are a sensational plant based protein.

Serve with yogurt or eat straight from the pack. Smuggle some in your lunchbox for a nutty snack.

There's 82% Nuts and Seeds:


19% Protein





Refined Sugars

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